• Kosovo students

  • Vinnitsa Music School

  • All-Ukrainian Youth Choir Congress

  • Rio Street Musicians (Brazil)

  • MIWC Teaching Team (Zaporizhzhya)

  • Christian Festival Orchestra, Christmas Concert (Rivne, Ukraine)

  • UNWSP Choir (Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Group Training Session (Georgia / Грузия)

  • All-Ukrainian Youth Choir Congress (Kinotheater - Luts'k, Ukraine)


Music opens doors.
Musicians build bridges.
Christ transforms cultures.

The power of music in missions often begins with the unique access afforded to musicians. People who are unwilling or unable to welcome a pastor, may graciously greet a team of skillful vocalists and instrumentalists. With power comes responsibility. At music in world cultures, our responsibility is to:

  • equip
  • educate
  • engage
  • envision

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