Worship & Theological Training

To equip performers, educators and leaders for work in cross-cultural settings, MIWC hosts training seminars and worships both locally and in the field with professional, academic, religious and national organizations or institutions. MIWC also offers educational full-length or modular programs, in partnership with existing professional, academic, religious and national organizations or institutions

Music in World Cultures offers these educational programs in the area of worship and theological training:
  • Biblical Principles of Music Education and Training in the Church (1.5 hours)

  • Becoming a More Effective Leader: Biblical Principles of Leadership for Pastors, Ministers, and Musicians (2–6 hours)

  • Understanding the Psalms: Worship Examples, Organization of the Book of Psalms, Categories, Types, and Structure (2–3 hours)

  • How the Bible Defines Worship: Understanding Definitions, Terminology, Use of Music, and Meaning for Pastors, Ministers, and Musicians in the Modern Church, with examples from Greek and Hebrew Language (1.5–3 hours)

  • Music and the Arts in the Bible: Lessons and Examples in the Old and New Testament and Applications for the Modern Church (1.5–6 hours)

  • Biblical Context for Music Education: Cognitive Development and the Miracle of God’s Creation (1.5 hours)

  • Music Ministry in Cross-Cultural Contexts (2 hours)

  • The Formation of Christian Identity Through Music Education (2 hours)

  • The Role of the Music Missionary: Becoming God’s Person for Global Worship (2 hours)