Posted by Kristy on September 19, 2017

Adults and Children Learn Together in Georgia

Some travel 300+ miles (500 km) to get to music camp in Kvareli

Georgia Summer Camp 2017As MIWC's ongoing Georgian ministry evolves as the Georgian church develops, it is intriguing to note how its focus has gone from adult education, to youth education to melding the two together.

After separate training sessions the past few years, children and their parents combined this summer for an MIWC-sponsored music camp in Kvareli, a small town of 9,000 residents located about 90 miles (150 km) from the capital of Tblisi. Kvareli is described as a pretty town in the center of the wine industry in the Alazani Valley.

To get to the camp, some of the people needed to travel more than 300 miles (500 km). Despite such a formidable distance, God sent finances and blessed their arrival, said MIWC Ukraine Director Vitaliy Bolgar.

Bolgar explained that in Georgian culture, respect of elders is very important, but so is investment in their children.

"Many adults themselves expressed the desire to be in this camp and take all of the lessons," said Bolgar, "as well as they wanted to show their children that this is a very important process of training and preparation in leadership."

With 50 people in the camp (30 children and 20 adults), parents and leaders hope the children will grow up together spiritually with their parents.