Posted by Kristy on September 3, 2018


Despite increasingly worrisome incidents of governmental oppression including arrests in Eastern Nepal, a revival is underway.nepalconferencefullview.jpgDespite severe weather adding travel difficulties to already challenging remote and mountainous locations, Christianity is spreading.

Despite a lack of financial resources in small villages, believers in Nepal are committed to growing the church.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, MIWC supporters can help the Nepal church even more during this critical time in its history:

Now through October 15, all new donations or one-time separate gifts apart from regular giving, will be matched up to $6,000.

These funds are crucial to the Nepal ministry as they will provide support for leadership training including not only travel to remote mountain village locations, but the creation of new teaching materials and direct support for engagement in the local community. The Nepalis have asked specifically for help in music and leadership training for their outreach programs.
And the support has already begun –

One hundred audiobibles are en route to Nepal, courtesy of gifts from MIWC supporters.

MIWC leaders head to Nepal this fall to participate in the annual large inter-church conference where an MIWC representative will serve as keynote speaker.

The future of the Nepalese church is actively changing – let's help strengthen its ministry and reach all of the people of Eastern Nepal with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Hurry to take advantage of this generous matching gift – and make your new donation to the Nepal ministry today!