Posted by Kristy on October 27, 2012

Annual Board Meeting Wraps in St. Paul

     Last month, the MIWC board of directors gathered for its annual board meeting in St. Paul, MN. MIWC President Steve Benham said they spent the first afternoon of the meeting "amazed and overwhelmed by God's blessings and provisions in this year of transition" as they heard field reports about lives changed by worship and music ministry.
     The past year's transition in MIWC leadership from John Benham to Steve Benham also included the physical transition of some ministry work from Minnesota to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While John Benham retired from his position as president, he continues in active ministry as the founder of MIWC.
    The board also began work to formalize a specific mission statement for MIWC, which will be launched in the near future on a brand new MIWC web site. Web site development has been underway for several months and will include an updated news blog and calendar of events.
     Ministry reports of MIWC activities from the past year included:

    •    Fall 2011 Youth Choir Congress - Almost 700 young people came from Ukraine and Latvia to participate in this congress, which was televised regionally.
    •    May 2012 Calvary Church Trip - Minnesota church choir's trip was detailed in the May newsletter.
    •    August 2012 UECB Congress -MIWC's participation in 4th Ukrainian Baptist Congress was detailed in the September newsletter.
    •    November 2012 CMA Men's Choir Tour of USA - The upcoming Ukrainian men's choir tour is detailed in this current newsletter.
    •    Board Member Tim Sawyer's July Trip - The jam-packed Ukrainian trip by MIWC board member was detailed in the July and August newsletters.

    •    Youth Camp August 2012 - The first Georgian youth camp supported by MIWC was detailed in the August newsletter.
    •    Upcoming trip by John and Steve Benham - This currently underway trip is detailed in this current newsletter.

Baltic Region
    •    Lithuania - Two Christian Music Academy (CMA) sites are active in this country where MIWC provides travel support for its staff.
    •    Latvia - CMA numbers are small in Lativa following the exodus of young people looking for work outside of the country. MIWC is reaching out to Latvian churches in hopes of starting a future camping ministry.
    •    Estonia - CMA is active but in need of organization. MIWC is guiding local leaders as much as possible and will send Steve Benham to this country in March 2013.

The Master's Academy International - MIWC increased connections with TMAI organizations. John and Steve Benham will speak at TMAI's worship symposium in March.

Germany - A representative from MIWC is working with European Bible Training Centre to develop a worship training program. Read more details in our June newsletter.