Posted by Kristy on April 17, 2013

April: Month of Prayer

MIWC invites you to join us during the month of April to faithfully pray for specific requests currently on the hearts and minds of our leaders and staff. Whatever your prayer relationship with God looks like, we earnestly ask you to take time this month however you do it, to talk to Him about MIWC.
We are blessed to have you as prayer warriors and hope you will gain a sense of fellowship with other ministry supporters as you grow closer in your walk with God.
In the Spirit,
Steve Benham

Suggested Weekly Prayer Schedule - Adapt to your prayer routine as you see fit!

Sunday - MIWC Ukraine Board Meeting

We will be gathering with MIWC-supported missionaries and mission partners for an important series of meetings during the week of May 16–20. While celebrating the start of MIWC's 16th year of ministry in Ukraine, we will evaluate our ministry to date, setting goals for the coming years and making important decisions regarding potential changes in our leadership structure there. We are incredibly grateful for what God has done during our time of ministry in Ukraine, as he has blessed us beyond all belief and we want to move ahead with prayer and faithfulness into the plans that God has for us in the future.

Monday - Summer Camps

As you may recall in last month's newsletter, we shared how we felt God wanted us to postpone our summer camp plans until 2014. We have already seen many confirmations that this was the right thing to do and are incredibly excited about how things are coming together for 2014. Though it is too early to share specifics, God is opening new doors for MIWC ministry in Russia, through the children's and youth camp ministry. Please pray for the following: that God would continue to open the doors for the development of camps in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia; that we would have wisdom as we appoint directors for each camp location; that God would raise up a team of dedicated staff from each country to assist with the camps; that God would also raise up a team of dedicated teachers and musicians from the United States who would be willing to travel overseas in summer 2014 to participate in the camps; and finally, that we would have our financial needs met in miraculous ways to conduct these camps. This is a big step of faith for us as an organization, but we believe God is leading us in this direction and we must be obedient to where he is taking us.

Tuesday - Missionary: Kreshchuk

Please pray for Oleksandr (Sasha) Kreshchuk, his wife, Irina, and their family.

sashawife.jpgSasha has been a dedicated servant, leading music ministry in Ukraine for more than 20 years. He assumed responsibility for the development of music ministry in Ukraine at an incredibly young age and has poured out his life for the ministry there. We have been privileged to be partners with Sasha and his family in their ministry, and have shared with him in both the joys and challenges that are always part of any ministry that lasts such a long time. Specifically, we ask that you pray for wisdom as Sasha and Irina look ahead to God's plan for this next part of their life and ministry together.

Wednesday - MIWC Partnerships

We believe God has called us to develop strategic partnerships with other organizations in order to carry-out the ministry He has called us to across the world. Would you pray this day for our mission partners and our ongoing work with them? Specifically, for Slavic Gospel Association, Future Leadership Foundation, the Master's Academy International, and other members of the Eurasian Worship Alliance. Would you also pray that our joint ministries would be effective and an example on how such partnerships can work and support each other in missions around the world? We are also in the initial phases of a discussion with a new ministry partner for the development of the music camps in Russia. We are incredibly excited about the potential and God is already working in miraculous ways. Please pray for energy, strength and wisdom as we move ahead with our plans!

Thursday - Missions Associate

Please pray for our new missions associate, James Janzen. James has worked in Ukraine for many years but recently joined the MIWC team as a ministry associate, overseeing our partnerships in Germany and also serving as a teacher in all of our ministry countries in Eastern Europe. He has been a wonderful addition, providing tremendous insight, experience and wisdom from his many years of ministry and missions service. He and his wife, Walli, currently live in Kelowna, British Columbia, but work actively in Europe as well. At the current time, he is overseeing the completion of an important textbook project. He reports this requires long, 12–14 hour days working as part of the group assembled to make the valuable text accessible, meaningful and engaging, which is done by finding and adding graphics, musical examples, definitions, pull-out texts, word emphasis and then determining the layout. This will be one of the first texts created specifically in Russian for use in music ministry training in Eastern Europe.

Friday - Germany

Please pray for the work of the European Bible Training Centre, our ministry partner in Germany. EBTC is developing a new worship training program as part of their curriculum and we have been privileged to serve in an advisory capacity to them. They have outstanding leaders and a wonderful vision for the needs of the church in Germany. Please pray for those who will be teaching and that God will raise up German-speaking leaders who can help in the training process.

Saturday - Political Leadership

Today we ask you to lift up the political leadership in Ukraine, Russia and Georgia. These countries continue to see ongoing turmoil and challenges for Christians and missionaries. The Apostle Paul reminds us in Romans 13 that there are no authorities except those God has allowed to happen. We don't always understand the reasons why there is persecution or political chaos, but we do know that it drives us to our knees in prayer, as we seek to be faithful Christians even in difficult living conditions. We pray that the churches in these countries would be faithful and courageous.
Relations between the United States and Russia continue to make headlines, with U.S. National Security Advisor Tom Donilon visiting Moscow April 15 to present a letter from President Obama to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The leadership of both countries agreed to restart missile defense negotiations earlier this spring. U.S-Russia relations grew strained in 2012 after Russia banned adoptions to the United States and the U.S. passed legislation targeting human rights abusers in Russia.