Posted by Kristy on October 2, 2012

Benham Addresses Congress with Message of Support


 When he arrived late in the evening the night before the start of the Ukrainian Baptist Congress, MIWC's Steve Benham felt "overwhelming joy" when he was greeted by the bright, smiling faces of the MIWC team in Ukraine. The team had been hard at work for many months preparing and writing music to be performed for thousands at the Congress, which was held in L'viv, Ukraine August 16-19.
    Congress organizers asked Benham to address the crowd during the event and share a few words of encouragement.



    On behalf of MIWC, Benham first expressed thanks for the crowd's support of music ministry in local churches - including everyone from church leaders to the musicians and choir members to the parents who sacrifice mightily for their children to grow in their musical talents for ministry.
      He placed a specific emphasis on training children, citing research showing children engaged in music actually develop faster intellectually than those not engaged. That combined with the spiritual, emotional and moral growth that comes with a child's study of music contributes to an even greater effectiveness for the ministry of music in the church, Benham said.

      He closed by telling the audience that to continue the high level of musical training in their churches, they need to ensure every child has the chance to study music - not to become a professional in the field, but "so that each child can praise God with all of her heart, mind and strength, with the voice or on an instrument, so that the entire world would hear that we love Christ!"

  All photos credit: UECB Press Service