Posted by Kristy on August 14, 2012

Benham Heads To Baptist Convention

    Please pray for Steve Benham as he travels to and from L'viv, Ukraine to represent MIWC at the fourth Congress of the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Union of Ukraine, which will be held August 16-19.
     Inspired by the slogan "Зростати, палати, спасати" (To grow, To be on fire, To save), the Congress plans to feature joint worship services and biblical study as well as lectures and testimonies relating to the event's theme.
   A diverse music program includes MIWC members who will be active in the music leadership for the Congress and who will meet with Christian worship and music leaders, teachers and pastors from all over Ukraine.
   MIWC's focus will be encouraging those active in Ukrainian church ministry and providing counsel and support according to their individual concerns.