Posted by Kristy on December 16, 2012

Christmas Message from Music in World Cultures

Dear Friends,

Each December, the arrival of the Christmas season and the New Year are opportunities for us to reflect on the events of the previous year. Though the reality of Christ's birth should be part of our lives each day, there is no doubt that for many believers this is a time of special reflection. For some, the holidays reopen wounds of loss and suffering that were experienced in this past year. For others, it is an opportunity to celebrate again special joys or blessings that we saw. But, most importantly, for all, we know that this time of year is a time of Hope. It is a time for us to contemplate once again God's faithfulness and His special gift for us…that a Savior has been born; a Savior who came to take away the sins of those who believe on His name.

None of us deserves God's grace. But He has given it to us freely. May you find blessing and comfort in this great hope!

For MIWC, your faithful prayer and financial support have allowed us to accomplish much in terms of ministry over the past year. Your partnership is so important and we are grateful for all of your words of encouragement. A few of the highlights—leadership training programs continued in Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia and Ukraine. We saw specific decisions for Christ as a result of outreach events with visiting groups like Calvary Choir. We had the opportunity to speak about God's saving grace in government educational institutions. We were able to support a youth camp in Georgia. And, together with our ministry partners, we were able to bring the Christian Music Academy Men's Choir to the United States for important ministry training and music outreach events. Without your sacrificial gifts, this would not have happened.

Would you also look with us toward the new year? We earnestly are seeking God's leading for our continued ministry and look forward to the following ministry activities in 2013:

• Ongoing leadership training in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine
• New ministries in countries of Central Asia and Russia
• Stronger financial support for the Christian Music Academy/Irpin Bible Seminar in Ukraine
• Youth and children's music camps, for the purposes of training leaders for the worship ministry in addition to evangelism and outreach

As you can see—the fields are white for harvest! We need your help to send the workers and support those whom God has called to His service overseas. May God richly bless you as you have richly blessed us!

Serving Him together,

Stephen Benham


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