Posted by Kristy on May 21, 2018

Easter Rallies in Nepal Draw Thousands


When Christians worldwide celebrated Easter in April, the event in Nepal may have looked distinctively different from what many MIWC supporters did at their churches and with their families.

NepalEaster2018Rally3.jpegAccording to the International Nepal Fellowship, Easter is not a public holiday in Nepal, but the government gives Christians certain permissions to celebrate the  event.

INF reports that Christian churches in Nepal hold an evening service on Good Friday and then on Sunday morning, believers meet at dawn for a sunrise service.

After that service, Christians from the larger cities rally in the streets, walk through neighborhoods singing and playing musical instruments, and distribute Gospel literature, all while proclaiming the name of Jesus.

After hours of walking the streets, they gather in public spaces where pastors share sermons and different programs.

NepalEaster2018Rally.jpeg"As a secular nation it is very difficult to declare the name of Jesus in Nepal," reports the INF.

"Regardless, the number of Christians continues to increase showing the ongoing growth of God’s kingdom in Nepal."

MIWC Prayer Partner Pastor Ganesh Poudel, located in the Eastern Nepal city of Pakhribas, celebrated Easter in his home church and in neighboring Leguwa and Bhojpur. The photos are from the rallies in which his church took part.

Continue to lift up our brothers and sisters in Nepal in prayer!