Posted by Kristy on March 14, 2016

Exploring Asia: Trip to Tajikistan Underway

MIWC Associates explore Tajikistan for possible ministry opportunities


In the fall of 2012, MIWC's leadership attended a conference in Georgia where they first met the head of the Tajikistan Baptist Union.

At the conference, that man shared details of the persecution the believers in his country face because Tajikistan is a Muslim country. He explained to MIWC President Stephen Benham how Tajik believers need to meet secretly at times because of the extreme pressure from the government.

It was back then at the Georgian conference that the Tajik baptist leader first expressed his desire for MIWC to come to Tajikistan and help with the music and worship development in its churches.

Four years later, the visit came to fruition this month and first reports are in from MIWC Associates Serhiy Bilokin and Vitaliy Bolgar's trip to Tajikistan.

After safely making the journey into the country, Bilokin and Bolgar met with a large number of young people there.

Tajsongbook.jpgOn the first day of their music training, the pair found that God had sent them where they were very much needed.

The local pastor coordinating the training seminars said it was the first time they had ever focused on improving their worship services.

The songbook in use in the Tajik church is written with Cyrillic alphabet letters but also includes quite a few letters unique to the Tajik language.

MIWC's April newsletter will feature a more in depth look at the challenges and opportunities its team found in Tajikistan and its plans for a possible future ministry there.


Check out the video below to hear what worship music sounds like in the Tajik language.

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