Posted by Kristy on December 15, 2012

Extreme Cold Claims 80+ Lives in Ukraine

Extreme cold temperatures in Ukraine have led to the deaths of more than 80 people, many homeless, while others seek medical care for hypothermia and frostbite. According to CNN, 536 people were hospitalized with hypothermia and as of Dec. 21, 83 of those had died.

Temperatures dropped as low as -9F after heavy snowfall blanketed the country earlier in the month, reports the BBC.

Almost 3,000 heating points were set up to help keep people warm. Ukraine’s Health Minister said that between Dec. 15 and 21, more than 13,500 sought help at these warming centers.
The government also reported most of the deaths were alcohol-related - some drank mistakenly believing it would warm their bodies.

A 12-mile traffic jam lasted three days in the Western part of Ukraine, trapping vehicles and leading to the dispatching of Army crews to help with highway snow removal. Many residents also remain without electricity service as crews work to repair power lines.

Deaths from severe temperatures are also being reported in Bulgaria, Russia, Poland and Romania, while the heavy snowfall has caused extreme travel difficulties in many Eastern European countries.

With low temperatures continuing in the forecasts, please keep praying for these countries as they face what looks to be a very difficult winter.