Posted by Kristy on March 17, 2014

Festival of Hope Translations Finished

Progress continues in the preparations for June's Festival of Hope in Georgia.

Almost 2,000 seats have already been reserved for the Franklin Graham-sponsored festival to be held at Tblisi's Sports Palace June 6-8.emptyarena.jpg

The music for the festival, which MIWC's Associate Serhiy Bilokin worked on translating for months, is now complete in the Georgian language.

Read more about Bilokin's difficult translation work.

MIWC is coordinating music for the three-day festival, which came to be after Graham accepted an invitation from the Churches of Georgia.

Practice tapes and accompaniment tracks have also been finished, a necessity since many people do not read music.

Donors have given more than $11,000 to help support the music ministry at the Festival of Hope, allowing many of those MIWC has worked with in Ukraine to travel to Georgia to help support the choir and orchestra there.

According to the Festival's latest newsletter available online, coming up next from March 20-21, the Billy Graham Evangelical Association's Christian Life and Witness seminar will be held in Tbilisi for course trainers who will later train potential counselors at the festival.


Read about what well-known Christian musicians will perform at the event.

All pastors from the Churches of Georgia are required to serve as senior counselors at the Festival.

Franklin Graham's other 2014 Festival of Hope events take place in several countries including the United States, where he will visit Pittsburgh and Erie, PA as well as El Paso, TX.

Follow the Festival of Hope Georgia's Facebook page for frequent updates on festival-related activities in Tblisi.