Posted by Kristy on February 19, 2018

First Ever Levite Conference Inspires and Encourages


MIWC Europe Director Sergii Bilokin spearheaded the inaugural Levite Conference (find it on Facebook and on YouTube), which took place in early February in Tallinn, Estonia.

The conference, which drew 47 music ministers from across Europe and another dozen from Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden and Poland through online workshops allowed people from different churches to gain encouragement and study worship, music and biblical leadership for practical use in their church ministries.
The group included several pastors and deacons, choirs, musicians, conductors and Sunday School teachers.

Workshops focused on piano accompaniment, wind instruments, violin, vocals, and working with musical collectives (choir, orchestra, group.)

sergiijanzenleviteconf.jpgMIWC Germany Associate James Janzen taught the two major seminars of the conference: True Biblical Worship and Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs: The Path to Unity and Spiritual Maturity.

Practical advice included the use of Psalms, hymns and spiritual chants in a balance to serve unity and spiritual maturity of the entire church.

Janzen said since the primary audience at the conference was Russian-speaking, he was excited that his Russian textbook was available to them and would serve as an important resource for years to come as an addition to their personal libraries.

leviteconferencesergiispeaks.jpgAccording to Bilokin (shown right speaking to a class), all participants were able to see the good fruits of short-and long-term planning of their services.

With the conference ending on a Saturday night, Bilokin said participants were able to head back to their home churches on Sunday encouraged and ready to serve the Lord by teaching and leading with Psalms, hymns and spiritual worship that inspire.

"The blessings of the conference were obvious and visible," said Bilokin, "but we also know people were blessed in ways that were less visible. People were really pleased but also a little surprised by what they heard. Because the truth of God’s Word is very clear, but people tend to force their own human interpretations on the Bible, so we need wisdom and courage to move past our own limited viewpoint."