Posted by Kristy on June 4, 2015

Franklin Graham's Festival of Hope Comes to Ukraine

L'viv, Ukraine event starts June 20; MIWC's Ukrainian associates coordinate music


Franklin Graham’s Festival of Hope, an evangelistic outreach event, kicks off in L’viv, Ukraine later this month.

As it did last year in Tbilisi, Georgia, lvivmap.jpgMIWC will coordinate the choir and orchestra music for this one-day festival expected to attract upwards of 35,000 people to a stadium in L'viv, a city in the western part of Ukraine.
More than 3,000 vocalists and instrumentalists from all eight regions of western Ukraine will join Christian artists Huntley Brown, John and Anne Barbour and headliner Michael W. Smith on stage.

lvivrehearsals2.jpgMIWC’s Serhiy Bilokin (pictured right) has been rehearsing the choir for months, in regions like Zakarpattya, where he directed more than 250 singers in one place.

MIWC President Stephen Benham is currently en route to Ukraine, where he will join Bilokin and the rest of the MIWC team in their efforts to bring thousands of Ukrainians closer to faith in Christ through music and worship at the festival.

For more information, visit Hope Fest L'viv's web site or their Facebook page.
Some photos courtesy #hopefestlviv Facebook page.