Posted by Kristy on March 8, 2017

Georgia Music Training Focuses on Children

MIWC supporters help provide training for families who can't afford children's music schooling


The first several years of MIWC's music, worship and leadership training in the country of Georgia concentrated on adults, as it tried to establish a music ministry in a country where evangelical church musicians were scarce and worship songs in the Georgian language were even scarcer.

Fast forward several years and the MIWC and Christian Music Academy workshops saw Georgian musicians educated and worship leaders created, due in large part to the Ukrainians who traveled south to share their knowledge and love of Christ. MIWC's own Serhiy Bilokin was instrumental in the process of translating song lyrics into Georgian, a key step before the Franklin Graham Festival of Hope took place in the Georgian capital of Tblisi in 2014.

As the movement to train up evangelical Georgians in music, worship and leadership began to grow, many of the adults who graduated from the training programs joined music ministries and moved to other cities.

Director of MIWC Ukraine, Vitaliy Bolgar, who just returned from an overseeing and teaching trip to Georgia, reports the teaching strategy is shifting to help grow the younger generation.

Georgian church leaders now have turned their focus from training adults toward teaching children hailing from families unable to afford the cost of music school, a move Bolgar sees as a strategic one for the future.

"To invest in children should bring a definite and positive result as they become involved in church life," he said.

While Bolgar stayed in a home near the city of Tskhvinvali, the music programs again took place in the city of Gori, like last year. The number of children in the  program is currently small at 12, and consists mostly of students and families from those who are active in church ministry. Meanwhile, in the city of Gurdzhaani, the training program includes both children and teenagers.

With the help of MIWC supporters, MIWC was able to provide about 50% of the cost of the training programs in Georgia.
Prayer requests:

  • Pray for Bolgar, the Georgian team leaders and especially Georgian Baptist Union president and music program leader Gia Kandelaki. Current economic conditions (students and teachers are dressed warmly for lessons because there is no heat in the churches), physical and spiritual challenges combined with the current political situation and oppression from the Georgian Orthodox church create an intense and pressure-filled environment for evangelical Christians in Georgia.
  • Pray for both the Georgians and for MIWC as we seek to raise critical support for the summer music camp, which Bolgar will help lead with a team he brings from Ukraine.