Posted by Kristy on September 1, 2015

Georgia Outreach Ministers to Muslim Children, Music Students

Ukrainians make 10-day trip to Georgia



Continuing his ministry work in the country of Georgia, MIWC’s Vitaliy Bolgar returned there in July as part of the Orchestra and Creative Arts Team from the Baptist Union churches in Kyiv, Ukraine.

A total of 17 people traveled to Georgia for 10 days of outreach events in several different cities.

One of the obstacles the group encountered was vehicle trouble, when their van broke down in a very mountainous area.









Once on their way again, the team visited a Muslim village on the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan and were happy to see a great number of children came to listen to their music.

The leader of the village then told them that if it rained after their visit, the villagers would know the God of the visitors was real and alive.

Miraculously, on that very day, it rained in the village – for the first time since April.

At another stop, the team traveled to Telavi where they performed at a collegiate level music school. The local hosts said they were surprised at the turnout in the audience, which heard the message of Christ through music.

A government representative thanked the team for the warm atmosphere and invited them to return during the school year when more students would be on campus for the performance.


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