Posted by Kristy on March 20, 2013

God Answers Prayer in Georgia

Last year, MIWC shared the challenges faced by Georgian students attempting to gain approved leave from work to attend Christian Music Academy (CMA) teaching sgeorgiamapresize_edited-1.jpgessions and asked for prayer. Some students who had been scheduled to participate in a fall training session were not able to gain release from their normal work and study schedules as they had in the past. Authorities threatened retribution and an undetermined number of students did not show up for music training for fear of losing their jobs.

Thankfully, God answered the prayers and in 2013, local church leaders were able to work out release time for CMA training sessions participants!

Local leaders also managed to secure space to hold the CMA training sessions, which are taught by MIWC-supported faculty. 

This year, Georgian CMA leaders also began employing new technology, including weekly Skype conferences with church leaders across the country, using the online web service to engage one other face to face. These video conferences allow leaders to communicate more quickly and make important decisions more effectively.

The next educational session in Georgia begins in May when MIWC missionaries Oleksander Kreshuck and Konstantin Chernitsky will travel to Georgia to teach. Fall sessions are also in the planning stages.