Posted by Kristy on March 20, 2017

MIWC's Jo-Ann Richards Goffe Launches Campaign For Second Worship Album

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 Di Revilieshan – Jamaican music in the Jamaican language

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kommekwicover.jpgMIWC Jamaica associate Jo-Ann Richards Goffe is a cultural advocate and ethnodoxologist who is passionate about seeing people all over the world worship our Creator in their own language and their own music forms.

“As a Jamaican who has traveled to over 30 countries," said Richards-Goffe, "I have never failed to be amazed at how Reggae ambassador Bob Marley has put our little country on the map. If we are known for nothing else, it is for reggae music. Unfortunately, our rich musical heritage is still on the fringes of many of our churches at best, and there is a very small collection of songs in our repertoire that use our language and music.”

Her first album, Kom Mek Wi Worship, was released in 2012 as a collection of 12 songs in the Jamaican language and music genres. Some churches are now using the songs in corporate worship and many people have responded positively to it.
KOM MEK WI WORSHIP 2: DI REVILIESHAN is the second in the proposed series of Jamaican worship song collections using Jamaican language and Jamaican music genres. It is designed to add to the repertoire of songs for Jamaican worshippers and others who want to celebrate Jamaican culture in worship. This second album focuses on the book of Revelation.

According to Richards-Goffe, “Your support of this project will help Jamaicans everywhere to connect with their true selves, and to connect their true selves to God. It is my firm belief that among other positive outcomes, this will contribute greatly to the reduction of crime and violence in our beautiful island.”

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