Posted by Kristy on February 19, 2018

Janzen Leads High Energy Event on Unity In Worship


"We seem to need so much to do a little, they seem to do so much with so little."

With those words, MIWC Associate James Janzen summed up his experiences and encounters with the people he is connecting with so far on an extended overseas ministry trip.

He started out in late January, leading a Unity in Worship conference in Kyiv, Ukraine. The event, which Janzen describes as "high energy," brought 200 young people together from 14 different regions of Ukraine, as well as Crimea and the Czech Republic, and included complete worship and leadership teams. The goal was to help these music ministers overcome the challenges facing them today.

Janzen said the "unity in worship" topic was very relevant and promoted many spontaneous questions. He said he felt the power of prayer while giving answers.

From Kyiv, he flew to Tallinn, Estonia to participate in the Levite Conference detailed above. From Tallinn, Janzen was off to Germany, where he will spend the majority of February.

"During this trip," Janzen wrote, "the days have unfolded in a such an amazingly detailed way that I can only describe it by saying 'God wrote the script and I just followed it, discovering it as the days progressed, not knowing most if in advance but clearly seeing the script at the end.'"janzenbuzivka2.jpg