Posted by Kristy on March 28, 2018

Janzen Ministry Trips Ends With Stops in Germany


MIWC Germany Director James Janzen wrapped up a 34-day European ministry trip with two events in Germany.

He spent a weekend with 32 wind and percussion players from the orchestras of Baptist churches from the cities of Gifhorn and Hannover. After several rehearsals, they performed at Sunday services in both cities and Janzen taught his sermon on Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs.

Janzen taught more when he arrived at the Stuttgart Christian Music Academy, touching on the circle of vision, planning, rehearsal, worship service, evaluation and vision.

In a message to his supporters, Janzen said, "...I enjoyed reconnecting on matters of curriculum, degree planning and future plans with director Friedemann Meussling."

"Throughout this trip I was blessed to have many meaningful conversations and times of reconnecting with old friends," he said. 

"In all, 34 stretching days with many inspiring servants of God."