Posted by Kristy on April 22, 2016

Kyiv Worship Conference Packs In 100+ More Than Expected

New focus on worship team highlighted



During the five months it planned for the April 9th worship conference in Kyiv, the organizing committee completed an enormous amount of preparations expecting around 200 attendees.

A week before the event started, 280 had already signed up.

The committee closed registration realizing they were already over capacity. That's when the phone of MIWC's Vitaliy Bolgar, one of the organizers, started ringing.

Listening to the pleas of the people who called him, they ultimately worked out logistics to bump the capacity up to 350.

"We didn’t expect such a huge attendance," said Bolgar, joking that thankfully no one went hungry.

Unlike past conferences where a worship choir was featured, Bolgar and the other leaders chose this time to specifically emphasize the role of the worship teams and, in particular, worship team leaders.


As a result, Bolgar fielded many inquiries wondering if the choir concept was being abandoned.

"Of course not!" he told them.

"But," he explained, "I know that we really need to place emphasis on the worship team concept because we’ve already seen some negative results when there isn’t good leadership. We are working for a common understanding of what a worship team can do within our churches overall."

Looking to the future, the MIWC team working in Ukraine realizes there is a lot still to do to develop appropriate worship team ministries in their churches done in a contextual way that is well received.

Because of the interest in the event, plans are developing to make this an annual gathering.