Posted by Kristy on May 21, 2018

Kyiv Youth Choir Reaches Muslims, Supports Churches in Baltics

The Kyiv United Youth Choir and Orchestra (KOMX) celebrated its 15th anniversary this spring with two major outreach trips – across Georgia, and then to the Baltics.

MIWC Ukraine and KOMX director Vitaliy Bolgar said the choir and orchestra performed seven services in different regions of the country of Georgia, including ones in remote Muslim villages. More than 400 km (almost 250 mi) from the capital of Tblisi, these villages required travel on very poor roadways with little public transportation means available.

Bolgar said God sent good weather, enabling the concerts to take place right outside.

As the events moved into central Georgia, a concert planned for war immigrants in Sabatlo was canceled after opposition from local religious leadership. The Georgia trip wrapped with a service in the central church of Tblisi.

Bolgar reported that the need in Georgia continues to be mentoring in the music ministry. As a result, his MIWC Ukraine team plans to hold 3 music camps this year in Georgia.

Your support can help send Georgian children to these camps. With $5,000 in support, MIWC can send 50 kids to these additional camps in Georgia.


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The choir took to the road again later in the spring with a trip to the Baltic countries. The musicians said the best way to honor their 15 years together was to serve foreign churches who need support, including encouraging the youth in their churches to serve.

From April 27 to May 7, KOMX visited eight cities and nine churches, located in both small towns in Lativa and Estonia and in the large cities of Minsk, Riga and Tallinn.

In Narva, Estonia, the choir (pictured below) performed together with the newly formed local youth choir, lending their assistance and offering spiritual encouragement.