Posted by Kristy on February 19, 2013

Ukrainian Youth Choirs Reach Unbelievers

In January, MIWC-supported missionaries Serhiy Bilokin and Vitaliy Bolgar led youth choirs from several Kyiv Baptist churches on a weekend outreach roadtrip. The 48-member choir boarded a bus and spent the last weekend of the month on the road, reaching unbelievers with their music. Kyiv youth choir members travel by bus to outreach event.

The choir first arrived at a local community center in Bolyslav, Ukraine, where many unbelievers filled the audience. The arrival of the mayor of Bolyslav delighted choir members as he came to personally welcome them to the town.

The young vocalists' talents were featured next at a worship service in Bolyslav. The choir praised God when five people came forward to accept Jesus Christ as their savior.

Youth choir at Bolyslav Church.

The choir members drove home Sunday evening, making a stop in Dubno for the last performance of a trip they described as full of God's miraculous blessings.

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