Posted by Kristy on September 21, 2014

Donated Instruments Make Impact at New Music School



When a large shipment of musical instruments donated by MIWC supporters left the United States in March, its arrival was eagerly anticipated across the globe in Irpin, Ukraine.

Lynn Nelson, a luthier from Springfield, OR, donated 42 violins, some repaired or rebuilt by Nelson himself. Other supplies came courtesy of Schmitt Music (Minneapolis, MN) and Claire Givens Violins (Minneapolis, MN).

A portion of this generous donation made its way to the Levite Music School, located at Irpin Bible Church, which opened its doors in January of this year.

MIWC served as a resource in the school's development.leviteschool8.jpg

School staff, which includes a drummer, two violinists, a piano teacher and a children’s choir teacher, accepted 18 students who had to test for admission.

Within a few short months, the school is thriving and boasts a school choir, as well as instrumentalists.

They held their final concert at the end of the school year, which was attended by proud parents and family members.