Posted by Kristy on November 15, 2014

MIWC Associate James Janzen Updates Ministry Work From Europe

 MIWC Associate James Janzen left the United States in September for a lengthy ministry trip in Europe.Germany10142.jpg

He and his wife, Walli, arrived in Frankfurt, Germany in late September, where he had received an invitation from the leadership of the Evangelische Baptisten Brüdergemeinde in Pfungstadt (close to Frankfurt) to work in their church.

Pfungstadt church leaders asked Janzen to train their choir conductors, rehearse with the choir and help restart the children’s choir program, as well as provide spiritual and biblical integration for the music program at the church. Janzen will provide a variety of training — vocal, choral, leadership, worship — as he also assists in the preparation of the Adventskonzert (Advent concert), to be held Dec. 6, 7, 13 and 14.

Janzen also taught a five-part series on Worship (Anbetung in German) to the congregation almost immediately upon his arrival during the first week of October.

Janzen said he "considered it a great privilege to be able to address this large congregation and work with their musicians. How wonderful that God has arranged the schedule so that I can lay a theological foundation before doing all the other work."

Janzen said God provided amazing strength for these five days of intense ministry. Although he was very familiar with the material, delivering it in the German language was quite demanding.Germany10141.jpg

"But God is faithful," Janzen said, "and it was well received. Now the real work begins. The foundation for the ministry that follows has been laid."

Later in October, Janzen traveled to Kyiv, Ukraine, where he would stay until returning to Germany in November.

Janzen said he is trying to process the current political situation in Ukraine and felt at a loss for words. He met with MIWC's Oleksandr Kreshchuk who summed it up by saying to Janzen, "Has it only been one year since we were together? It feels like five years. So much has happened.” 

Kreshchuk paused and then said, “For our children and for our youth it has also been like five years of maturing, of needing to quickly grow up emotionally and spiritually."

Janzen is working with Kreshchuk and others in Ukraine on a music history textbook in Ukrainian and Russian. During his time there in October, Janzen and his group finished the writing and layout of the book and began discussions on the logistics of the printing and distribution of the book. 

For more updates from Janzen, follow him on Twitter @JDJ333.