Posted by Kristy on February 2, 2014

MIWC Associate Leads January Choir Tour

MIWC Associate Vitaliy Bolgar led an evangelistic choir tour through the cities of Kherson, Mykolay'v and Voznesens'k, Ukraine January 18-19.

The 40-member choir represented 11 different churches from the Kyiv region of Ukraine. Jan14EvanChoirTour3.jpg

Choir members paid or raised their own funds for the trip.

While in Kherson, Bolgar said local church members opened their homes to house the choir. Jan14choirtour1.jpg

In Mykolay'v, "God touched the hearts of those attending the Sunday morning worship service," Bolgar said, "and three people came forward to give their lives to Christ."

During their final stop in Voznesens'k, services took place in municipal clubs. Thanks to the local churches' impressive job spreading the news about the event, the concert hall was completely filled with people.

The evening of evangelism ended with a beautiful choral piece that Bolgar said is also a personal motto for each choir member—Soli Deo Gloria!