Posted by Kristy on September 19, 2017

MIWC Europe Helps Finland Youth Camps

Large camp planned for next summer in Eastern Finland

Helsinki_EspooKidsPlayObjects.jpegMIWC Europe Director Sergii Bilokin joined pastors in Finland this summer to help host two youth music camps.

As MIWC reported earlier this summer, Bilokin has been steadily expanding his ministry from the Baltic Region into Scandinavia.

finlandciamap.gifThe first camp took place in Tampere, where two churches brought their teens and youth together, to form a group of about 55. The churches had their own program and Bilokin added more music activities and short lessons.

"It was a joy to see how young people worship Christ!" Bilokin said.

The second camp welcomed children from the neighboring cities of Helsinki and Espoo. While it was a children's camp, many parents also became involved. A Lutheran church served as a base for all of lessons and music activities. Bilokin joined them for the last three days.

Looking to the future, northeast of Helsinki along Lake Saimaa is Savonlinna, a town Bilokin has already visited several times while reaching out to pastors from his homebase in Estonia. He has been invited to organize a music camp there next year that will attempt to draw from several small churches to form a big event in Eastern Finland.