Posted by Kristy on September 15, 2013

MIWC Attends Ukrainian Missions Conference

A first-of-its-kind Missionary Forum of the Evangelical Christian Baptist Union of Ukraine (ECBUA) attracted around 3,000 people to Kyiv, Ukraine August 30–31 and drew in many more via the daily broadcasts live online.ECBUA2.jpg

Organizers aimed to motivate and encourage Christians who are considering missions work in Ukraine and beyond.

Besides local Ukrainian pastors and church members, the ECBUA reports foreign guests included the heads of evangelical groups from across the globe.

Drawing from Isaiah 6:8, the forum’s theme was, “Here am I, send me!”

Several related breakout sessions touched on this theme, including a special music in missions seminar attended by nearly 150 people and hosted by MIWC missionaries working in Eastern Europe.
Steve Benham, MIWC President, was extremely encouraged by the response of Ukrainians to hold such an important event.

MissConf1.jpg"The country is located at a strategic crossroads. Ukrainians can travel relatively easily to many countries that are closed to Western missionaries. This is a clear confirmation that our strategy of training Ukrainian nationals for ministry in Ukraine and further in Eastern Europe and Central Asia has been effective. We see such great needs, especially in Central Asia, where music may be the most effective means of accessing groups that are closed to the gospel message delivered in traditional ways. MIWC is committed to these projects, but we need additional financial support from our partners in order to meet the needs we see in front of us today.”

Forum participants met with each other and learned about missionaries already serving abroad. MissConf4.jpg

Various seminars were offered featuring topics related to the ministry and outreach for youth, children, young adults and families, as well as small group and music ministry.

MIWC provided financial and human resource support for the forum.