Posted by Kristy on February 4, 2014

MIWC Monitors Recent Turmoil in Ukraine

Instability reinforces importance of investing in local leadership

Since November of last year, outrage against the president of Ukraine's decision to reject a deal to join the European Union has sparked protests, some with brutal results.


According to the BBC, "At least six people have died in violence since then, and a number of Ukrainian politicians have warned that the country might plunge into civil war."

When political situations become unstable, Western access to countries like Ukraine can often change drastically with very little warning.

Helpful information on Ukraine crisis from The Washington Post

Because of this, MIWC monitors the turmoil but is confident in its strategy and approach to train nationals in the ministry.

Even if Western barriers go up, MIWC's investment in local Ukrainian leaders will mean little effect on its important ministry efforts there.

In the midst of the unrest, great ministry work occurs. Ukrainian churches have set up prayer tents on Independence Square, where protests are taking place. People are distributing Bibles and sharing the Gospel.

MIWC Associate Vitaliy Bolgar recently led a men's choir in a performance in the middle of Independence Square.

The crowds gathered behind them in the square joined in the singing.

In all of this, the goal is that God may be glorified.

MIWC urges all of its supporters to pray for peace for the people of Ukraine and strength and encouragement for MIWC's Ukrainian associates and their families.