Posted by Kristy on December 10, 2014

MIWC Prayer Requests for New Year

As the season we celebrate the Christ's birth is upon us, we are coming to you with reasons to celebrate and pray for the ways God is working through Music in World Cultures throughout the world.

We hope you can take a few moments during this busy time to read about all of the developments at MIWC and lift us up in prayer.

God bless you and your family and Merry Christmas to all!

The Staff of Music in World Cultures

MIWC Prayer Requests


    •    Peace in Ukraine and Russiamaidan7.jpg

Pray for unity among church leaders and a restoration of both good communication and a spirit of brotherhood. This relationship has been sorely tested during the war in east Ukraine. 



 •    Georgia ProjectNew first year class at CMA Georgia with MIWC's Vitaliy Bolgar and Kostiatin Chernitskiy.

God has called MIWC to increase our work in this country, with specific calls to train church leaders and hold evangelistic children’s and youth music camps. Pray that God will provide the leaders, teachers, venues and funds needed.


jamaicaflag.jpg•    Jamaica Project

God is opening new doors for MIWC ministry in Jamaica. We ask for wisdom and a clear sense of God’s guidance as we evaluate how to serve the needs there. The vision is to have a trained worship and music leader for every church in the country.

•    Germany Project—

James Janzen and Thomas HochstetterPray for the European Bible Training Center, its leadership and James Janzen, our MIWC Associate working with the EBTC. We ask for God to provide wisdom for the development of the worship leader training curriculum, the equipping of teachers and for a strong response from the churches as we work to meet their need for trained leaders.

lyivlogo2.jpg•    Ukraine Project—

Pray for the Festival of Hope and in particular, for the physical safety of those working in L’viv. Pray that God will open doors to groups that desperately need to hear the good word about God’s grace. Pray for provision for all of the physical and financial needs for the festival and for the musicians who are committing their time and efforts to this event.

•    Russia Project—

radugacamp.jpgPray for the music camp we are developing in Ulyanovsk. Pray for the team members from Allegheny Center Alliance Church who are providing financial and physical support for the reconstruction of the camp facilities. Please pray for open doors for our music team leaders to enter Russia this coming summer and to share the salvation message through music camps with the children in that region. Pray for Sergey Guts, the pastor heading the ministry in that region.

 stevesergeisashavitaliyedit.jpg•    MIWC European Associates—

You likely know the names of Oleksandr Kreshchuk, Serhiy Bilokin and Vitaliy Bolgar, but there are dozens of other volunteers and ministry partners with whom we work. Pray for our MIWC Associates working across Eastern Europe. Pray for open doors to reach the lost in Ukraine, and for encouragement of our team members in areas where military conflict is taking place.


•    MIWC Home Staff—

miwc_logo_final.pngMIWC's home staff is small in number, but the Lord provides the strength that is needed. Our vision is to train leaders and music missionaries, and equip leaders to bring the Gospel to the lost through music ministry. At times we are overwhelmed with the magnitude of the need, especially the physical and financial needs. We ask you to pray with us. All of us are actively involved in our home churches and additional ministries such as small group bible studies, music and children’s ministries. Strength is sometimes in short supply.

Street_Musicians_in_Rio.jpg•    Brazil Project—

MIWC Founder John Benham will be traveling back to Brazil next year to continue the training and educational projects started in 2013. Please pray for open doors, clear communication, and for our ministry partners working in Brazil.



•    New Ministries—

worldmapcia.jpgIn the past several weeks, MIWC has received requests for additional training support for new ministries in Egypt, Armenia and Tadjikistan. Simply put, we cannot meet these needs at our current budget and level of support. We need to raise close to an additional $100,000 per year to meet these new needs. This amount of money seems huge in our eyes, but we know that God will provide as he has every year since MIWC was founded in 1989.