Posted by Kristy on March 20, 2013

MIWC Presents at TMAI Symposium

On March 4, 2013, Steve Benham, John Benham, and James Janzen were pleased to represent MIWC at The Master's International Academy (TMAI) symposium on worship entitled, "Music and Worship: Singing and Making Melody with Your Heart to the Lord."


The event, which took place at Calvary Bible Church in Burbank, California, attracted nearly 200 representatives from various TMAI schools and training programs around the world, including countries from Europe and Asia.

John and Steve presented a lecture called, "Worship Music Across Cultures," which focused on important cultural and theological issues for missionaries and pastors to understand when they are working in new or cross-cultural situations.

The presentation detailed everything from the lack of a single comparable word for "worship" in many of the world's languages to the cultural differences in church clothing and technology use to the views on music's morality.

TMAI_Worship_Symposium_2.jpgIn addition to sharing their own research and experiences from the field, the MIWC representatives had a chance to learn from the experiences of other presenters and to network with leaders from various schools about future projects together. This was an important time to plan MIWC's future events and determine the important next steps in organizing systematic instruction in worship and missions, particularly in Europe.