Posted by Kristy on June 14, 2016

MIWC Supporters Enable Georgian's Return to Teach

Huge progress made during two-week trip


Working closely with nationals in every country where MIWC ministers is a guiding force of MIWC’s strategy, and is why your support of the ministry is so important. MIWC invests in others, so that they can carry on the work in their own country.

Meet native Georgian Sofiko Kandelaki, who is currently living and studying music in Italy. She recently returned to her home country as an MIWC missions partner, to share her talents and abilities in music education as part of MIWC’s ongoing work in Georgia.

sofiko4.jpgKandelaki speaks both Georgian and Russian fluently, making her well equipped to communicate clearly without a language barrier. Her travel was covered through the donations of generous MIWC sponsors, and we are incredibly grateful you can share in this ministry with us.
Kandelaki said she began her visit teaching in the eastern Georgia town of Kvareli, working together with church members there to prepare songs for Easter. She said they also were able to start a new youth music group with young people who play piano, guitar, violin, flute and other instruments.  Kandelaki held outreach events with the youth group, using their gifts of singing and playing on the guitar to share the gospel.

"I’m thankful to the Lord that he helped us form another group to share in the important work of praising Him," she said.

sofiko2.jpgKandelaki then headed to the city of Gori where she taught singing and held practical training. She also visited Gurjaani, where she said things went very well because the young people already had a good working knowledge of elementary music theory.
Said Kandelaki, "My goal was to teach the participants how to practice, how to sing, how to play, and how to both learn and teach songs. We already noticed a huge step forward in progress during the second week I was there. I thank both God and you that we were given the support to be able to go and work. "