Posted by Kristy on May 14, 2019

Music Ministry Zambia Event Set for Weekend

MMZ to perform first concert as part of MIWC family

59522806_1258732837620908_6596655968031866880_n.jpegMusic Ministry Zambia (MMZ) launches its first outreach event as part of the MIWC family this weekend.
MMZ, MIWC's newest ministry partner, has organized a Zambian Christian Gospel and classical music concert, featuring the Zambian National Christian Choir and Orchestra.
Please pray for the MMZ musicians and singers, as well as the MIWC leadership team currently in Zambia for the event.
This very large outreach event combines people from all four MMZ sites coming together in the capital city of Lusaka. Buses will be sent into local villages to bring people to the free concert, which takes place at 6pm local time at the Kamwala Hindu Hall in Lusaka.
Pray for the concert and the impact the message of the Gospel, brought through music, will have in the community.