Posted by Kristy on May 24, 2016

MIWC'S James Janzen Currently Serving in Ukraine and Germany

Ukraine Ministry Sees War Affecting All Citizens


janzenxmas2015.JPGMIWC Associate James Janzen (pictured left with wife, Walli) is spending late spring in Europe, focusing his ministry work in several different cities.

Janzen arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine in early May and before heading to Germany.

Shortly after arriving in Ukraine, Janzen said he experienced a very "strong confirmation of God’s call - the need to provide good biblically based resources in the area of music, creativity and worship."

"Much needs to be done," Janzen said, adding, "It is clear that I must continue to pour my energies into providing such desperately needed resources."

Among those resources is Janzen's book, Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs - The Road to Unity and Spiritual Maturity, for which he is currently seeking a qualified translator while MIWC's Vitaliy Bolgar and other ministry partners work on the logistics of the book's corresponding DVD series.

Another MIWC Ukraine Associate, Olexander Korchevniy, is also translating Janzen's History of Sacred Music textbook into Russian.

These two works are just part of Janzen's focus on making sound biblical worship teaching available across Ukraine.

Janzen asked for prayer for the country, saying that in Ukraine, "No one is untouched by death, displacement, uncertainty, economic challenges and the effects of war. Yet the believers would want you to know that this translates into hunger for God and truth and a seriousness about life and following God. They ask you to pray for their faithfulness in being a witness, for many to come to Christ and for young people to commit their life to God."


On to Germany and EBTC


After Ukraine and in between two full weeks of ministry in Germany, Janzen also participated in the Hirtenkonferenz (or Shepherds Conference) May 19–21 at the European Bible Training Center in Wittenberg as a representative of MIWC. The conference is a gathering of pastors, elders and men in training from many different churches seeking inspiration, fellowship and exposition of the Word of God.

MIWC's history with the EBTC began in 2014, when Janzen committed to helping the school build a music ministry training program – Musikdienst.

Janzen's main role at Hirtenkonferenz was to rehearse and conduct the men's choir, while also continuing to support the EBTC's Thomas Hochstetter as he develops and launches Musikdienst.

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