Posted by Kristy on July 18, 2016

Christian Jamaican Love Song Released

MIWC associate sang song on her wedding day

 MIWC's Jo-Ann Richards Goffe just released the video for her Christian Jamaican love song that she sang for her husband on their wedding day - check out the video and the Gospel message in "A we se TEAM!"

According to Jo-Ann's album notes, "Two months before my 51st birthday I met the love of my life. Shortly after we acknowledged that this was ‘it’, I had a major project. He dove right in and was beside me from start to finish. At the end, as we cleared up the last bit of junk, we looked into each other’s eyes, high-fived and said “A we se TEAM!” Six months later, we were preparing for our wedding. In true ‘Jo-Ann’ style, I was home with my foot in a cast just one week before the wedding! This was when I asked God for a song for us, and this is it!

"It is our desire that this song be used to empower couples all over the world and help more and more couples to be true reflections of the relationship between God and His church."

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