Posted by Kristy on November 13, 2013

Music and Worship Training Brought to Muslim-dominated Kosovo

Kosovostudents.jpgIn October 2013, MIWC Associate Serhiy Bilokin visited the independent (since 2008) Muslim republic of Kosovo. While Kosovo is not a part of the country of Albania, a majority of Kosovo’s residents are Albanian in heritage.

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Over the past eight years and in the midst of their Muslim and Orthodox neighbors, many evangelical churches and groups organized.

However, as a result of years of warfare, musical training was lost in Kosovo and these new church members had no access to instrumental or vocal training.

In fact, Bilokin said because there are no music lessons available at school, nor are there music schools in existence, the youngest believers there grew up not singing.

Those evangelical youth combined with new believers converted from Islam formed a large group of people who had never experienced worship through music and song!

Bilokin said, “This was the first time in my life I was in the church without that part, which is so familiar to us. It was unbelievable, but true.”kosovo4.jpg

During the week he was there, Bilokin led 16-20 young men, many of them church leaders, in learning what Scripture teaches about worship, music and singing.

The men learned of the biblical basis for God's desire for music and songs in the church.

On the final day, Bilokin said one pastor told the group, “If we will learn how to sing, how to use this strong instrument - it will be a great testimony for our Muslim nation.”

The church leaders decided to continue the process of learning how to sing and play instruments. With the great amount of youth in the church, Bilokin said they have great potential for developing a music ministry there.

Please keep these Christian brother and sisters in prayer as they face worshiping, praising God and living their lives in Muslim-dominated Kosovo.

And, praise God that after years of silent worship in church services, music has returned for the worship of Christ in Kosovo!

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