Posted by Kristy on May 14, 2019

Nepal Ministry Partner Visits Supporters in Pennsylvania

"I was a drunkard. Because of the Gospel, my life changed."
With those words, East Nepal Pastor Ganesh Poudel captivated the audience at Peters Creek Baptist Church, South Park, Pennsylvania, on Palm Sunday morning.
Poudel visited the congregation, which supports MIWC's ministry, to tell them his story, and share the challenges his parishioners face in a country where public evangelism is illegal.
Poudel's wife encountered the truth about Jesus Christ first, while attending the local agricultural educational center in Pakhribas where they live. She returned home and told her husband everything she had learned about the Gospel. Soon, the entire family attended a local fellowship and accepted Christ into their lives.
With this acceptance, Poudel said they gained a new hope, new strength, new wisdom and new friends.
Twenty-six years later, he leads a growing congregation in Pakhribas, and one that has turned to MIWC for guidance in developing their music ministry. Poudel said their worship music uses guitar, drums, flute and a Nepali instrument called the madal, a type of hand-drum.

ganeshkrissteveresized.jpgHis congregation regularly organizes outreach teams that take a guitar and madal and head into villages.
Being careful to talk only inside of private homes or churches, they tell the story of the Gospel and often give out a small booklet.
While his church currently enjoys a good relationship with local officials, believers in other parts of Nepal are not as fortunate.
Persecution is rampant, with the latest news-making arrests occurring in April (more information can be found here on the latest in the case).
Poudel explained that with Christianity one of the fastest growing populations in Nepal, the government has felt threatened and reacted with strict rules.
He asked for prayer to change government rule in Nepal, and also specifically for its youth. Poudel described how so many young men and women leave the country to search for employment elsewhere and do not return.
Please pray these young people would find self-reliance within Nepal and stay to help the church and community.
After seeing how God changed his heart, Poudel is passionate about how the power of the Gospel can change so much more:
"I was a drunkard. The Gospel changed me and made me sober. Now, I'm a servant."