Posted by Kristy on November 15, 2017

Nepalese Women Study Bible and Worship Alongside MIWC Team

More than 100 women from 3 districts come together


From all over the region, the women came.

NepalMap.gifFrom Dhankuta. From Tehrathum. From Bhjopur.

Some traveled more than five hours, staying overnight in the homes of other Christians.

More than 100 women's paths wove their way together in mid-October to study and worship Christ in Eastern Nepal at the 5th Annual Women's Conference.

This year, MIWC sent Beverly Solberg, who was accompanied by Lynette Soresen of Teach Beyond, to Nepal to teach at the conference.

NepalWomenConfBibleStudy.jpgSorensen's background as an ELL (English Language Learners) teacher proved valuable as she repeated often and spoke slowly, while Solberg’s ease with other cultures helped as well.

nepalguitargeneratorfb.jpg"Some took copious notes during our sessions. Others don’t read or write but they participated fully," said Solberg. Sessions included creative arts to teach parables, the attributes of God and transformation in Christ.

Said Sorensen, "The women appreciated trying new approaches to studying the Bible."

A recent gift from MIWC supporters saved the day on the final evening of the conference.

A new generator, purchased with MIWC-supporter donations during a recent gift-matching campaign along with a new guitar, kept the lights on when the electricity went out at dusk just as Solberg began the last session!
(Solberg pictured with both donor-purchased gifts as they arrived in Nepal.)

nepalwomenworshipfb.jpgDuring worship times, the women sang and danced to the Lord.

 "What a joyous celebration as they worshipped together," said Solberg, who loved watching the Nepali style of worship.
"We enjoyed singing together," she added.

After the women's conference wrapped, Solberg and Sorensen traveled to the Himalayan Bible Training Center (view from the center pictured), where they team-taught on a variety of topics focused around evangelism.
Sorensen combined the cross as the bridge with the Roman Road scriptures.

"After repeating it twice, the students practiced with each other," said Solberg.

"They loved this method and intend to implement it when they go witnessing for a week in November!"
Solberg and Sorensen both discovered that a major ministry need for these believers is encouragement.

"We’re told that 6 percent of the country now claim Christ," said Solberg.

"If nothing else our visit raised awareness for the churches in this area. Both of us are very aware that we are just ordinary ladies with an extraordinary God. In God’s economy, He orchestrated this trip and used our variety of strengths and personalities to forge a strong team. We are extremely grateful that you have supported and prayed us through this adventure."