Posted by Kristy on March 8, 2017

New MIWC Associates In Central Asia Using Mullah's Call to Prayer as Reminder to Pray for Local Muslims to Know Christ


centrasiamap_edited-1.jpgThanks to generous donations from MIWC sponsors, Diana and Andrei Kuznetsov recently arrived in a central Asian country with guitar in-hand. They will be spending a one-year term in the predominantly Muslim country, studying language and culture, in preparation for a long-term assignment.

The Kuznetsovs report their apartment building is located next to a mosque, meaning they can see and hear its activities from their window. They have decided to use the mullah's call to prayer, which occurs five times daily, as a reminder to them to bow before Jehovah God and pray for Muslims around them to know Christ.

Please pray for them as they seek to bring the hope and joy of God’s love to the people of Asia.

Prayer requests:
    •    Pray the couple will be a light in their small town, where they often stand out and are watched due to Andrei's height.
    •    Pray God would send people to the meetings they are organizing so they can can begin a discipleship process.
    •    Pray local youth would be open to the creation of a youth group in town.
    •    Pray the couple will be faithful to the Lord in ministry and remain in daily communion with him.