Posted by Kristy on March 17, 2014

Massive Instrument Donation Helps New Music School and Special Needs School

Instruments will also make their way to summer youth music camp in Russia

Several generous MIWC donors helped fill nine boxes instrumentship.jpgwith more than 50 violins, recorders and other miscellaneous music supplies, which were shipped out in late February to Ukraine and Georgia. Some of the instruments will also make their way to Russia.

The instruments, which are expected to arrive at their destinations in 4–6 weeks, came courtesy of several supporters.

Lynn Nelson, a luthier from Springfield, OR, donated 42 violins, some repaired or rebuilt by Nelson himself.

Other supplies came courtesy of Schmitt Music (Minneapolis, MN) and Claire Givens Violins (Minneapolis, MN).

Just as Nelson offered his large donation of violins, MIWC received requests for instruments from a school in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, which is run by MIWC-affiliated musician, Gennadiy Skripnikov. This school works with children who have special learning needs and school leaders wanted to use music training to help these children compensate for some of the challenges in their lives.

Another portion of the donation is headed to a new music school where MIWC served as a resource in the school's development. The school, called the Levite Music School, is located at Irpin Bible Church in Irpin, Ukraine and opened in January. The school staff, which includes a drummer, two violinists, a piano teacher and a children’s choir teacher, expected to choose 10 children from the 18 who tested for admission, but ending up taking all of them.

Several other programs will make use of these instruments, including MIWC's summer music camp in Russia.

MIWC President Stephen Benham said he was "truly overwhelmed" by the generosity of the donors whose gifts will have a deep impact on the lives of those overseas.

"It will indeed have a lasting difference in the lives of those with whom we are working," Benham said.

When Benham was in Ukraine last fall, he spoke with Konstantin (Kostya) Shuparsky, who received a cello Nelson donated several years ago. Now principal cellist, Shuparsky asked Benham if he ever heard from "that kind man who gave me an instrument and allowed me to continue studies."

When Benham confirmed he kept in touch with Nelson, Shuparsky said, "Well, if you hear from him again, please tell him how grateful I am for his gift, and I continue to treasure it and use it to this day."

MIWC is humbled by the offerings from all three donors and deeply appreciates the opportunity to pass along these resources to students across the globe.

Please pray not only for the students into whose hands the instruments will land, but specifically for faithful supporter Lynn Nelson. Nelson faces surgery April 2 after a long and serious illness. Please lift him up to the Lord in prayer for his healing.