Posted by Kristy on October 14, 2013

10 Days of Prayer in October #10in10

Have you ever had one of those moments where you simply take a step back and reflect on what God has done in life? Last week, I had a chance to do just that as I was reading the reports coming in the from the field from our various MIWC missionaries serving around the world.

From Brazil to Kosovo, we see that the church is in desperate need of continued training in worship and music. For this reason, our passion for training church leaders and musicians continues to be fueled in response to the pleas from pastors and missionaries to provide more workers for the field. We are doing all that we can to meet that need, but we don't have the resources and workers to send to all of the places where we have invitations to work.

As this story posts to the news blog, I'm on my way to Russia where I'm eager to meet with missionaries and pastors who are interested in partnering with MIWC to help with evangelism and leadership training there. In moments of stress, I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task. But again and again, God has shown his faithfulness. For this reason, we are calling you to join us in prayer. We ask that you lift up these requests to God, praying especially for the strength and endurance for our missionaries.

Please join us in this 10th month of October for 10 days of prayer for very specific things that are taking place. Follow MIWC on Twitter and Facebook where #10in10 prayers will be posted daily with details from each request. We'll use the #10in10 hash tag to spread the word. If you are not familiar with social media, hash tags make it possible for people interested in a certain topic to easily find information about that topic and then share it with others.

We hope you will share our prayer concerns and #10in10 posts with spouses, friends, prayer partners, churches and Sunday School classes.

In Christ,

Steve Benham

President, Music In World Cultures





DAY 1: MIWC President Steve Benham arrives in Moscow, Russia this week, where he'll meet with missionaries in Moscow, Tolyatti and Ulyanovsk.
Please pray for safety for this trip, for provision and complete trust in God as MIWC associates seek his will for this ministry. This has potential for great future developments in the area of children's music camp projects for the central Russian region.
Pray for skill and wisdom in developing the partnership that MIWC hopes will come out of this with the Christian & Missionary Alliance Churches in the eastern United States.

DAY 2: MIWC Founder John Benham recently returned from Brazil, where he was exploring some new ministry partnerships.
Please pray for wisdom as MIWC considers how God wants it to follow-up with the opportunities that it will have in South America.

DAY 3: MIWC Associate James Janzen and his wife, Walli, are currently traveling to Berlin, Germany, where he is going to attend the TMAI Germany fall training sessions for their pastors.

Please pray for him as he represents MIWC in Germany and supports the work of the TMAI there.

• DAY 4: Bolgarwifecrop.jpgMIWC Associate Vitaliy Bolgar is preparing to join MIWC President Steve Benham in Moscow, but his wife recently spent time in the hospital.

Many of you prayed for Lyuda, his wife, and we are pleased to report that she is doing much better. But, we ask that you pray for a complete healing for her.

Please also pray for Vitaliy as he is overseeing the development of the new music camps in Russia.

DAY 5: MIWC has a mail fundraising campaign going on and the Lord is sending new donors and renewing other donors.

Pray that God will touch the hearts of those who have received our mailing with a desire to help MIWC financially and in prayer

DAY 6: Julie Johnson, from Northwestern and tour coordinator for their music groups, and her husband Trent will be leaving Minneapolis on Sunday, Oct. 20. They will meet with Steve Benham and Sasha Kreshchuk in Kyiv, Ukraine on Monday, Oct. 21.

From there, the group will spend just a night each in Kyiv, Rivne and Mukachevo, Ukraine as they visit the locations where they will be visiting with the UNWSP choir next May.

They will finish the trip with two and a half days in Budapest, Hungary, where they will meet up with Jason and Tahran Olson. The Olsons are working to assist as well for the UNWSP visit next May.

There is an incredibly overwhelming amount of work that must be done during this trip and it seems completely impossible. But, with God, all things are possible.

DAY 7: Serhiywife.jpgMIWC Associate Serhiy Bilokin just returned from Istog, Kosovo, where he was able to lead worship and music seminars for the newly formed evangelical churches there. He is also preparing to head to Georgia to begin an important time of preparation in advance of the Franklin Graham crusade that will take place in Tbilisi in 2014. Nothing of this magnitude has ever taken place and it is clear that the Lord has prepared our missionaries for such a time as this.

Serhiy and his wife are expecting their first child after several miscarriages. The baby boy is healthy and growing well, but Serhiy asks for prayer as he has not been gone from home as much as this particular month is requiring.

DAY 8: After returning to the United States on Oct. 27, Steve Benham will have just a few short days in Pittsburgh before he has trips to Richmond, VA and Reno, NV.

He'll return from Reno on Nov. 20 and then will head to Tbilisi, Georgia on Nov. 23 where he'll spend the following week working with Serhiy Bilokin and the Billy Graham team to lay the groundwork for the musical portion of the crusade.

Benham is also working on access to the conservatory and other musical venues. Pray for God's intervening hand to go before and prepare the way.

DAY 9: Kreshchuks.jpgPlease pray for MIWC Associate Sasha Kreshchuk as he is in the final stages of preparation for the large youth choir congress that is going to take place in Ukraine later in November. The logistical details are huge.

MIWC asks for God's clear provision for all of the expenses for this event, since it will be sponsored entirely by Ukrainian churches.

DAY 10: Please pray for health and strength for the wives and families of the missionary associates while all of this is happening.

Please pray they will be encouraged and that God will provide them with a strong sense of security while everyone is gone.