Posted by Kristy on November 30, 2015

Summer Youth Camp Planning Underway

Sponsor a Camper in Russia, Volunteer to Teach Music, Pray for All Locations



While the leaves change color and fall away, and cooler weather moves into the Northern Hemisphere, MIWC's plans for a full summer of youth music camps in two countries marches forward.

RUSSIA — Rainbow Camp, Ulyanovsk

After an inspiring start to a youth ministry program in Russia in 2013, plans for MIWC's work in that country were ground to a halt with the outbreak of violence between Russia and Ukraine.

With uncertain circumstances in summer 2014 and 2015, MIWC chose to focus on Raduga (Rainbow in Russian) Camp for Summer 2016 in Ulyanovsk, the central Volga River region of Russia.

Russiacampbldg.jpgThe July 4–14, 2016 camp will host 60 children ages 9–13 from what is considered one of the poorer regions of the country. Pittsburgh, Pa-based Allegheny Center Alliance Church continues its work renovating camp facilities (pictured) with its ReVamp the Camp ministry.

The MIWC camp will teach a Fruits of the Spirit message (Galatians 5:22-23), incorporating lessons about Godly character qualities into camp activities. Class time will include instruction in violin, general music, recorders, guitar, movement and music literacy, as well as craft and physical activity time.

A tri-national team will work together to bring Rainbow Camp alive for the Russian children:

  • The American team, led by MIWC's Steve and Kris Benham, will handle music and devotion instruction. 
  • The Russian team, made up of local church leaders from the Ulyanovsk region, will handle camp logistics including physical necessities such as food and lodging.
  • The Ukrainian team will provide camp program leadership and vision, as well as a cultural understanding. Special prayer is requested for this part of the team, as travel between Ukraine and Russia is complicated at the current time, given the fighting between the countries.

"We are bringing people together from three countries where there is current political conflict," said MIWC President Steve Benham.

"Our goal is that this program can be sustained and multiplied within Russia, by the Russian people. We desire spiritual renewal in the United States, Ukraine and Russia as we find our hope in God, not in political leadership."


A Ukranian youth music camp is scheduled to take place in the city and suburbs of K'yiv from June 11–18, 2016. MIWC Associates Vitaliy Bolgar and Bev Solberg are planning this camp, which is an outreach project of new church plants in the area.

Solberg, a retired Minnesota music teacher, joins Bolgar on the MIWC team after 15 years of running English and music camps in Ukraine on her own. Her experience will serve as a model in developing the plans for the June event.

"Pray that God will smooth the road ahead of us," Benham said. "We have a single vision and that is to glorify Christ and train worshipers for his ministry."


campsponsor1.JPGThe students at Rainbow Camp are very poor financially, with few resources and little hope. The war is hurting not only Ukrainians, but taking its toll on the Russian people as well. MIWC is seeking sponsors for the campers, as only $40 will pay for all the costs to send one child.
We challenge you to partner along side a child this summer, and help them hear the hope of Christ, through the medium of music.


$40 supports one child for Christian outreach summer music camp in Russia or Ukraine for Summer 2016

$75 sends up to 10 donated instruments to the summer camps

$300 sends a Ukrainian missionary to Russia to help teach in the Christian outreach summer music camps.