Posted by Kristy on June 15, 2013

May Training Session in Georgia Welcomes New, Familiar Faces

MIWC missionary associates Vitaliy Bolgar and Kostiatin Chernitskiy headed back to Georgia in May for their next training session with Christian Music Academy (CMA) students they started teaching last year.

Students from the new group beginning at the Georgian CMA

When they arrived, they were surprised to find a brand new group of students also waiting for them.

"God had his own plans for us!" Bolgar said. His unexpected plans included a group of 11 young women from Georgian churches where the needs are great for music and theology training.

Bolgar said, "And we, as Ukrainians, are able to help them develop their ministry, which is a huge blessing from God for us." The new group joined CMA's existing group of 10 students, who are now being trained in the advanced program. 

Second year student, Iza Mtvarelashvili, conducting the combined choir of first and second year students from the Georgian CMA.

Upon closer inspection, Bolgar realized that the new students weren't exactly unknown to him. He estimates 80% of them participated in MIWC's summer music camp in Georgia last year.

Georgia summer 2012 youth music camp

"It was a huge pleasure to see that those who had attended the music camp last year were ready to start their music training," Bolgar said.

"This is a result of God's work in their lives during the music camp and the call that these individuals have felt to study a music instrument for the purpose of serving in the worship ministry of the church."

One of the new students shared that during last year's music camp, she really wasn't sure why she had decided to come and why she was even there. She had no idea how music might be used in the ministry of the church. But after attending the camp, she developed a tremendous desire to learn and minister by leading music for her church's Sunday School programs and worship services.

Her experience in particular has reinforced to MIWC leaders the importance of the music camp ministry in Georgia, as it is a means to prepare individuals for specific ministry in the church.

Please pray with us as we look ahead to holding a new music camp in summer 2014!