Posted by Kristy on February 20, 2013

Ukraine Music Ministry Flourishing

After years of work to build up the evangelical music ministry in Ukraine, MIWC-supported missionaries report blessings abounded this past holiday season.

In preparation for Christmas services, Serhiy Biolkin, along with other MIWC-supported staff, formed a brass band in Kyiv.

"It was the first Christmas in my life when it was not necessary to look for musicians all across Ukraine in order to have an orchestra in Kyiv," Biolkin said. In fact, he said, they had their choice of musicians.

With the strain of searching for capable musicians removed, Biolkin and his associates focused on building the capacity of the churches in Kyiv. They added new vocalists to the Joint Youth Choir and instrumentalists to the orchestra.

Biolkin reported feeling a calling now to build up the string and brass sections of the orchestra, remarking, "What was once a dream is now taking shape."