Posted by Kristy on December 15, 2012

Ukrainian Men's Choir Wraps U.S. Tour

After six weeks on the road away from their families, the Singing Men of Ukraine wrapped their first U.S. tour just before Christmas, heading home with full hearts and a couple of extra pounds each.

The tour, sponsored by MIWC, the Slavic Gospel Association and the Future Leadership Foundation, featured an elite group of male musicians from the Christian Music Academy Ukraine, a MIWC-supported ministry.

The men were incredibly blessed by the opportunities they had throughout the tour, which began in Tennessee in early November, and included more than 30 performances at churches, universities and concert halls in cities like St. Louis, Chicago, Lynchburg, Va, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The group sang for audiences as small as a few, and as large as a few thousand.

DSC_0892.JPGThey faced challenges, such as the unanticipated delivery delays of one choir member’s trumpet. Due to holidays and unpredictable travel schedules, his new trumpet didn’t arrive until the Pittsburgh stop on the tour.

All of the men also learned that All you can eat Chinese buffets probably aren’t the best choice of dinner before a 90-minute concert, or for heading home the same size as you left.

The choir traveled to the six states on Greyhound buses, airplanes, trains, large vans and small cars.

New friends and new opportunities to share God’s miracles in Eastern Europe abounded, blessing audience and choir members alike.

By the end of the 40 days, exhaustion and longing for home set in, but so did incredible gratitude for God’s provision for every aspect of the trip.

MIWC's Steve Benham with the Ukraine Men's Choir at Peters Creek Baptist Church in South Park, Pennsylvania.

The Singing Men of Ukraine:

Back Row:

MIWC President Steve Benham, Oleksandr Korchevniy, Viktor Borshch, Daniil Shevchuk

Front Row:

Ivan Barzul, Oleksiy Matviychuk, Bogdan Levchenko, Yuriy Slyva, Oleksandr Kreshchuk

Ukrainian Men's Choir U.S. Tour Photo Gallery