Posted by Kristy on February 18, 2014

Prayer Request: Deaths Reported as Ukrainian Police Storm Independence Square

The BBC reports Ukrainian police forces are currently raiding Kyiv's Independence Square protest site, leading to the deaths of at least nine people, two of them police officers.
According to published reports, public transportation has been halted and private vehicles are prohibited from entering Kyiv, Ukraine's capital city.
As MIWC reported on the news blog earlier this month, since November some Ukrainians have been protesting a decision by their president, Viktor Yanukovych, to reject a deal with the European Union and pursue closer ties with Russia.
The main protest area in Independence Square, locally known as the Maidan, is the site of the current violence, which began after police set a deadline for 6:00pm local time today to end the demonstrations.
MIWC asks for prayers for a peaceful resolution to this situation as soon as possible. Please keep our associates and their families in your prayers as well, as they deal with this very real physical threat in the city where they live and work.

Thank you for your prayers and urgent attention,
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