Posted by Kristy on July 27, 2017

Youth Camp Numbers Explode; Support Needed For Extra Kids


SashaKidsLargeGroup2Irpin2017.JPGMIWC leaders and volunteers just returned to the United States from Ukraine, where they held two children’s evangelistic music camps. Attendance at both camps exceeded all expectations.

"We were overwhelmed in the first location with 55 students and 30 on the waiting list," said MIWC President Steve Benham.

"In the second location, where we had planned for 90, 130 showed up."

Despite the overwhelming demands on space, teaching time, class sizes and more, Benham said the Holy Spirit was clearly at work as the team banded together and cheerfully adapted to the daily challenges maintaining flexibility the entire trip.

Ivankiv2017BallinAir.jpg"We feel such a strong call to share the Gospel with these kids and we used every moment to talk with them about who God is, how He loves us, what sin is, how we say we are sorry for our sin, and then begin to establish a relationship with God," he said.

"We truly pray that these seeds that we are planting will continue to bear fruit."

As a result of the unexpectedly large number of children who came to the camps, MIWC's camp budget is in need of an additional $3,600 to cover expenses. Please prayerfully consider if you can join with us by helping to support these camp costs. Support options are available on our donation page.

MIWC's summer camp ministry continues with a camp this month in the country of Georgia. Look for an in-depth report on all of the youth music camps at the end of the summer.