Posted by Kristy on August 15, 2012

Youth Music Camp Wraps in Georgia

     With the theme Worship Jesus with your heart, your words, with music and with song, five Ukrainian and two Georgian teachers embarked on a new endeavor for MIWC: host a seven-day youth music camp in Ureka (near Batuma), in the Republic of Georgia.

Bolgaresize.jpg     Led by MIWC's Vitaliy Bolgar (pictured left), the camp took place the first week of August and welcomed 55 people in all. Camp leaders offered the students a choice of instruction in guitar, violin, recorder or piano as well as required classes in music theory, vocal training and choir.

     The camp verse, Sing praises to the Lord, for he has done gloriously; let this be made known in all the earth (Isaiah 12:5), echoed in not only the spiritual training portion of camp, but was emblazoned on the backs of campers while they were clad in their bright camp t-shirts.groupresizetest.jpg

    While many campers hailed from families of believers, many of those children don't attend church. At one evening fellowship, a leader shared a story of a girl named Ira from Eastern Georgia who came to the camp with friends. Ira does not attend church, although her relatives are Christians. She said that she was terribly bored in church and did not pray. By the second day of camp, she shared that she wanted to start studying piano next school year so that she could worship the Lord in church. Bolgar said this was an answer to his prayers, that "The Lord blesses and leads the process."   IMG_1467.JPG

     One family sent four children to the camp, which was especially unusual because the family attends an Orthodox church. The four siblings greatly enjoyed the camp, but on the third day one of them fell ill with a very high fever. Several leaders had the chance to pray for the boy and talk to him. While he didn't experience physical healing while at the camp, Bolgar said God used the situation to open the boy's heart to spiritual conversations. One leader gave the sick boy a Bible while another prayed with him. He had to return home for medical care, but did not regret the time spent at camp. Please pray for this boy's spiritual and physical renewal.
    The bright camp t-shirts drew attention during the daily visits to the beach, which was a mere 500 feet from camp. One vacationer approached the group and asked Bolgar about the camp - so Bolgar shared the shirt off of his back with him along with information on what they were doing.