Posted by Kristy on January 23, 2018

Youth Step Up to the Mic for MIWC Jamaica


MIWC Jamaica Director Jo-Ann Richards suffered the loss of her voice due to a several week illness during the busy holiday season. Despite this disappointment, Richards praised God that the young members of her Crew 40:4 ministry team stepped up, literally to the microphone, and beautifully led the singing and worship for their events those weeks.

"Age gave way to youth," Richards said, "and the next generation rises up!"

Richards successfully launched her new worship album, Kom Mek Wi Worship 2: Di Revilieshan and kicked it off with a Facebook Live video audience of more than 3,000 people from across the world.

Crew 40:4 performed and ministered in various Jamaican cities over the fall and Christmas time, including Kingston and St. Mary.

Upcoming ministry events include a one-day symposium in February at the Jamaica Theological Seminary in Kingston on Caribbean Theology, Reggae and the Church's Mission.